Ken Dobbins

A Message from the President




We love to sing.  Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM, we gather at the Hamilton Presbyterian Church and sing.  Some of us are experienced musicians, but most of us are just men who love to sing.  We come to our meeting every week because we love to hear the magic that happens when we hit a chord just right, and the chord just rings.  We come to practice each week to help each other become better singers,  Some of us read music, and some do not.  Those of us that do help those that don't.  We practice so that we can become better performers.  We perform because to love to see the smiles on the faces of our audience.  Please take the opportunity to see us perform.  Better yet, take the opportunity to come to a meeting any Tuesday and experience the joy of singing.  You'll see that we live up to our theme song, and try to 'Keep The Whole World Singing.'

The address of the church is 

Hamilton Church

4500 Hamilton Road, Pittsburgh PA 15236

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You can also contact us at 412-482-2080 if you have any questions or at


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